No, an applicant cannot register with different email ids nor is it possible to change the email address once registered.

The application form can ONLY be submitted online. You will be able to access your application by logging in to your account.

The required documents need to be uploaded online if selected for the Phase 2 of the application process.

Yes. You have the option of updating and changing the application form until it is submitted.

Chosen candidates will have to attend an interview sometime during May/June 2024. The Interview and Orientation are mandatory and the scholarship is subject to you attending both.

All candidates are informed via email.

No, the registration fee is not refundable. The fee is a one-time payment and will not be returned to the applicant whether or not they are successful in their scholarship application. So please check the eligibility criteria before applying. You can find the eligibility criteria here.

Repayment of interest-free scholarship loans will only commence one year after course completion in easy instalments.

We conduct are online video interviews.